Jane Trufant Harvey

Jane Trufant Harvey is the author of the popular gift book series: Ask Him for Encouragement, Ask Him for Hope, Thank Him, Saints Alive, and Ask Him for Courage with Cancer.

She has recently completed Ask Him for Students and is working on Ask Him for Courage; a book aimed at offering inspiration, hope and comfort to families and friends dealing with cancer.

She recently began work on, Hi God! a prayer book for children.

She continues putting the finishing touches on her highly anticipated children's book series, The Adventures of Rolyat. The series center around a little girl named Rolyat (that’s the name Taylor, her youngest daughter, spelled backward). In each book, Rolyat is confronted with some of life's toughest lessons, but with the help of her good friend God, she emerges from her adventures with a strong moral code and good character.

Jane is an avid reader, an enthusiastic golfer, and an indefatigable community volunteer. She cherishes time with her family. She and her husband Bobby have been married for almost 31 years and are the proud parents of four children, Elizabeth, Lauren, Bobby, III and Taylor. They have two wonderful son-in-laws, Nick and Steven, and three precious grandchildren: Cade Nicholas, Austin Joseph, and Emily Joyce.
If you would like to book Jane to speak at your next event or contact Jane, you can e-mail her at info@askhimbooks.com.

If you would like to contact Jane, you can e-mail her at info@askhimbooks.com.

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You can Jump Start Your Day with Jane, everyday with 90-second video messages that help you begin your day with insight, encouragement and inspiration. They are currently airing on WLAE-TV in New Orleans, Louisiana, Catholic TV in Boston, Massachusetts and on the website TheDailyMass.com.

Ask Him for Encouragement - A Start for Those Who Need a Starting Place, reaffirms that we all need to hear words of encouragement, whether we're in the midst of a really bad day or just need to know someone cares about us. These 52 uplifting reflections will open your heart to the encouragement a loving God will give if only you'll Ask Him. Before long, you'll be reaching out to encourage friends, family members, and neighbors so they might share the gift of peace and joy in their lives as well.

Ask Him for Hope - Profound Glimpses Into the Heart of God reminds us that we all go through times when life is difficult and the outcome uncertain. That's when we need to step back and see things from God's perspective. This book has 52 insightful reminders to put out hope in Him - not our circumstances. Ask Him for Hope helps us find His solutions for some of the most difficult situations we may face. These stirring reflections will open our hearts to the One who gives hope - to all those who Ask Him.

These books are both guided prayer and thought provoking reflections that are designed to simply encourage conversations with God and arouse the heart to a more heightened and inspired awareness of how much He loves us exactly the way we are╔exactly at this moment.

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