Saints Alive!

Have you ever wished that you could somehow plug yourself in to certain people who possess the kind of qualities that you admire and are inspired by? Then, magically push a button that transmits all of the good stuff from them and incorporates those qualities into the fabric of who you are? That certainly would make life easier wouldn’t it?!

The next best thing would be to find and get to know people whose insight and understanding carry significant wisdom and serve as vivid examples to all of us as we try daily to recognize and permit ourselves to be fully human and love Jesus.

Saints Alive! Helps you discover how funny and inspiring the Saints are! They’ve made some bad choices, suffered heartaches, disappointments and things haven’t always gone their way. (Sound familiar?)

Saints Alive! Offers a glimpse into who they were and what they believed through the very words they’d spoken, thought, or contemplated. It is bursting with inspiration. It is bursting with life. You will be transformed by their words!

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